Fretello is improving, and: Welcome France 🇫🇷, Welcome Japan 🇯🇵

Start practicing and improve your guitar skills now also in French and Japanese. We are happy to provide you with a new translated version of Fretello App for these languages. However we are not stopping there, we have something for all of you. If you have not downloaded the update yet, find it on App Store, Google Play. You might have recognized quite a few major and minor changes that were happening over the last few weeks. Here are some that we want to highlight.

Improved Maximum Tempo Detection

Practicing at the right tempo is important and Fretello helps you by determining your maximum practice tempo for every new exercise or if you haven’t played the exercise in a while. This allows us to tailor the tempo of every exercise to your individual pace.

Warm up more effectively

Previously we gave you little guidance on what to play during warm up. While this was okay for experts it left new users wondering how to warm up correctly. Now you can use the warm up to get comfortable with new or fresh up on old picking techniques. We also give you dedicated warm up routines that get your fingers warmed up for efficient practice later.  Each warmup exercise has a suggested time you should warm up. Feel free to continue warming up longer if your fingers are still cold. On warm days or if you have already played beforehand you might skip the warm up.

Many major and minor design improvements

We love good design and constantly strive for providing you with a high-quality app that is functional, easy to use and nice looking at. For example, check out the old and new practice sheet screen:

Let us know what you think. We are always happy to receive feedback which is essential to provide you with the best possible App to get better at guitar.


Wolfgang Damm
CTO & Co-Founder